This is a game about a drill.

You drill.

More minerals means a greater score.

A greater score gets you some cool new skins.

Don't touch bedrock.

Worms will eat your drill.

Have fun!

P.S. If you know you will soon meet your demise, you can hold Z to make it quicker. Also, make sure to click inside the box of the game if it is not taking inputs.

Latest Update: 1.1.1

-1.1.1 Change Log-

  • Fixed some bugs!
  • Cool new death scene!
  • New sounds!
  • Press and hold Z while in-game to self destruct!
  • Some other things!

-1.1 Change Log-

  • Added Skins!
  • Added a main menu!
  • Moved the drill down a bit!
  • Fixed the offset of the worms!
  • Changed the worms' slope calculation!
  • Slightly changed some particle properties!
  • etc.

More in depth Patch Notes here:

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